To exaggerate, overemphasize, overstate. An idiom. The 'over' is added unnecessarily and its usage is virtually always synonymous with a mere 'exaggerate', rather than a different word, as 'exaggerate' is not a neutral usage verb like the word 'do'. There is no threshold for the word 'exaggerate', so it is not possible to overdo. To 'overexaggerate' is to 'overoverstate'.
Only idiots say overexaggerate.
by adsmo November 27, 2010
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Loren overexaggerated when she claimed she exaggerates a million times a second, when previously she stated, "I exaggerate 100 times a day."
by DrSuessanna November 12, 2005
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the act of exaggerating in extreme cases
the dude talking about how much money he made was overexaggerent
by Jade and azebo March 21, 2022
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where as exaggerating is to extend something to a believable untruth.... over exaggerate is to extend something to an unbelievable untruth.
that fish you caught yesterday did not weighed 300 pounds, your overexaggerating.
by Ian McDonnell April 11, 2006
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The opposite of underexaggeration (truth).

Overexaggeration differs from mesoexaggeration (commonly known simply as "exaggeration") in that mesoexaggeration strays from the truth to balance out skepticism, while overexaggeration goes beyond this to a non-believable, completely ridiculous extreme.
(actual example)

Tim: Me and my brother Joe took out four guys at this UFC fight thing. I can bench press 225 pounds. I got a 25...wait a 26...wait a 27 on the ACT.

Me: Tim, let's have a chat about this thing called exaggeration. Or, in your case, overexaggeration.
by annoyed teenage male February 14, 2010
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