A practice-room building constructed for the University of Southern California that is just barely off-campus. There are never any available rooms because they didn't build enough rooms for the population of the Thornton School of Music. Everyone also has terrible practice room etiquette because the orchestral instrumentalists practice in grand piano rooms, people are on their phones in their room, and people keep leaving their stuff unattended in their room to claim it as their own while they go out.
Thornton Student: "I'm gonna go practice, but I doubt there'll be any rooms at USC Gateway."
by Minona September 30, 2019
The finger that leads to the penis, that is to say, fingering.
"Hey are you still a virgin?"
"Yeah, but gateway penetration happened"
by Kreacher of the night December 3, 2014
Also known as a gateway app.

A seemingly innocuous application that serves as the springboard to other, more addictive and time-consuming applications.
Bejeweled Blitz was the gateway application to my mom's Farmville addiction.
by bobo76 March 23, 2010
A Gateway Clit is a clit that’s so huge it’s like you’re sucking on a small penis. Eventually you move on to bigger and bigger clits which turns into blowing guys. It’s basic science.
Have you heard about Tommy? He was with Amy who has a Gateway Clit and now he’s gay.
by billiam10000 October 15, 2018
To have sex with a female for the sole purpose of having sex with her friend(s) in the future.
Guy 1:"Dude I totally railed Kim last week!"
Guy 2:"Why the fuck would you do that? She is a 4.5 maybe a 5 on a good day!"
Guy 1:"Yeah man but she was just a gateway fuck so I can slam with her sexy friend Olivia!"
Guy 2:"Man you are some kind of magical fuck wizard!"
by Travis S. Shammy M. August 30, 2013
a word with no legit meaning to it. used to describe Marijuana and alcohol. a gateway drug is a drug that apparently leads the user to do other, harder drugs. made up by right winged bastards and jesus freaks who have the preconcieved notion that anything slightly illegal and possibly threatning will end up in the downfall of society. also a word used by meth addicts to conjure up some sorry excuse for the fact that they have no self control
90% of drug addicts have tried marijuana. marijuana is a gateway drug
100% of drug addicts have tried water. is water a Gateway drug?
by 12345432112345 January 3, 2007
Any film, video, or animation, that has had a history of causing normies to take an interest in anime, regardless of where or when it was made.
by TabsTheGreat May 21, 2019