A person who is so self absorbed and self important and won't stop talking to you until all of your time and patience have been maxed out.
My friend spends o much time talking and standing there making me waste my day. What an unbelievable Time Consumer!!
by EvaOne August 20, 2019
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("TC squared")
A rude person, whom often does things like cutting in line, or running a red light, that generally waste your time. These people are looked down upon in the first world.
Man A: "Why is that person looking at Taco Bell's menu now, when he could have done that in the 30 minute line?"
Man B: "What a Time-Consuming Cunt!"
by M-Dawg 5Kilo February 6, 2013
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Something that requires an extra-effort and takes time to accomplish it.
This assignment is so time-consuming!
by I50798 October 8, 2017
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