A teenage boy who skates. Their favorite shoes to wear are white vans and their shoe size is usually larger than size 10. They end up buying multiple pairs of shoes because their shoes reek and they never take good care of them, but they take excellent care of their skateboard.
Person 1: Hey, have you seen that skater boy in our class?
Person 2: Yeah, he has a beautiful skateboard but I want to buy him some shoes because his are disgusting.
by doughbrough November 21, 2020
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Skater Boy think “Rough Boys” Pete Townshend style. Looking all tough and mean but soon as they are isolated they drop to their knees to suck cock. Highly prized around the urban areas, think liberal progressive blue states, as a source of young meat by the older gays and bisexuals. Most of the older guys want to suck and fuck these pretend little tough boys. Skate Boy also conveys a likelihood that the bisexual or gay skate boy will engage in BDSM or Fetish activity like golden showers.

Straight male skate boys are identified as just skaters (check definition) not “skater boys.” Exception is female use of “skater boys” which is really more a reflection on the probability of a slut to put out for any boy holding a board. Skater Boy, Skater Boy(s), Skater Boys, Skater boys

I was late for the Obama rally, because for $50 I got a Lewinsky by the last skater boy to leave the park. Then I railed his tiny little ass while he lay on his skate board. Finally he pleaded with me to Golden Shower him; so I let a good stream of piss go and the little twink drank half of it. We both headed off to see Barrack speak.
by Bob Mcvee June 12, 2008
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Wannabe male skater, term widely used by "townies", "trendies" and all form of wannabe punks/posers. Made popular by the Devil (a.k.a. Avril Lavigne) and subversively imposing the idea that there is some sort of difference between a male and female skater (or skater wannabe as the case may be).
"Oh my god, Jack's a sk8er boi."
"Yeah, cause he sure as hell ain't a skater."
"Wanna listen to Avril?"
by Suppressed April 23, 2003
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Skater Boy is a male who skateboards.
Skater "Boi" is a male who is a wannabe skater. Made popular by Avril who is a wannabe "punk rocker".
Woah....i told that kid to do a trick on his board and all he did was go down the street in a straight line...what a gayass skater boi.
by CiCi S. April 4, 2003
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Skater boys are typically the most attractive guys. They have long-ish hair and wear pretty baggy clothes but pull it off. They have sick ass style and and get down wit all the girls. If your obsessed with thrasher and supreme you don’t really skate your a fucking poser and prolly ride a Santa Cruz. (Get your mall grabbing head Ass outta here) skaters smoke because they’re hella chill but not all do.
Hot ass chick: Damn do you see that new kid, he’s a skater boy let’s go talk to him

Hot ass chick2: Ya fr i want his dick inside me
by Caleb Gafner April 8, 2020
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a type of guys, usually ages 12-19, that are into skateboarding. they wear new era hats sometimes, they have hair at least covering half their ears, and often wear somewhat tight pants. They wear clothing of brands like Volcom, Hurley, Element, and Quiksilver. Other times, they wear loose pants and stud belts and have part of their underwear exposed, or covered by a baggy shirt. They wear Vans shoes, or any other type of skate shoe. They are almost all the time in the "cool" or "popular" group at skool. all (or most) of the girls love them, and in fact, in a lot of places in the world, skater boys are considered the hottest or sexiest type of guys. skater boys are, however, to non-skater guys, total jerks and/or assholes. they are totally confident and feel good about themselves and get girls all the time. screw skater boys!

Professional skateboarders like Bam Margera and Tony Hawk are awesome, so are video games like Skate 2 and Tony Hawk's Project 8, but 12-19 year old over-confident punks who are not famous (yet) are not! I only know like, 4 skater boys who are not jerks and that i am friends with.
kaizo jerk overconfident asshole punk seduction wizard skateboard skater boys
by emperor_guy April 20, 2009
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White guys ranged 12-19 that act like they are cooler than everyone from their alleged "style" of vans, thrasher shirts, beanies, and flannels who listen to nirvana and slipknot and are somehow considered one of the most attractive types of guys.

For the floppy hair, humor and the vital NO- FUCKS ATTITUDE they do not take showers or brush there hair are always stoned and steal; they break girls hearts and never text them back because they are always skating.
"Why does he never text me back"

Friend: "Because He's a skater boy"


by Crissle meth December 8, 2019
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