Put it like this - You have been given the gift of a human life. You exist as the most civilized and intelligent species known to man. You have the ability to conquer world wonders, discover breathtaking history and knowledge to amaze the world, secure a job with a 6 - figure salary, and you even have the ability to travel space if you work hard enough.

... But instead, you sit at your computer, harvesting virtual crops on a non-existent farm.
Guy 1: Hey, D'ya wanna -


Typical Farmville conversation.
by Faradonga December 18, 2010
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Game on Facebook where you do the following:

You buy, you sow, you reap, you sell, you buy, you sow, you reap, you sell, you buy, you sow, you reap, you sell, you buy, you sow, you reap, you sell etc.
Farmville is a never ending cycle
by Facebomb September 22, 2009
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A facebook game that people who aren't good at real games play.

guy 2: cool bro... I'm going to go play a game that requires skill.
by herbalize October 27, 2009
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A game on Facebook in which after 24 hours of playing, you're a loser
Person #1:Hey, wanna go to a party?

Person #2:Nah, I got play Farmville.

Person #3:But there's gonna be boobs and booze!

Person #2:Nah, my crops are almost ready.

Person #1 & #3:What a freakin' loser
by SDBoy54 March 16, 2010
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A town in S.central Virginia, home to Longwood University, much maligned as a small town, and for that stupid facebook game. Commonly mentioned as "where the hell is Farmville?" and "Farmville, come early, we close at 5" and the town really does pretty much shut down at 5 o'clock.
Farmville? You mean like the game on facebook?
No, like the town in Virginia, with the university, and the Wal*mart... and the nearby sausage-fest school.
by DasherDonner March 17, 2011
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A facebook application that constantly needs to remind people about Person A's lonely gray kitten.
Average day with a Farmville player.

"Person A needs a bushel of hay!"

"Person A encountered an ugly duckling."

"Person A grew the biggest pumpkin!"

"Are you sure you want to de-friend Person A?"
by Crunch Demon April 28, 2010
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A really addictive Facebook application where the user has a virtual avatar who is a farmer. Players earn coins by growing different types of crops/trees and owning animals. As you earn more money and getting more experience from growing crops etc. you move up levels, unlocking other items.
You can also add other friends playing the games as 'neighbours'.
Hannah is now your neighbour in Farmville! Click here to visit her farm.
by Ahoy Ahoy :) August 10, 2009
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