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Put it like this - You have been given the gift of a human life. You exist as the most civilized and intelligent species known to man. You have the ability to conquer world wonders, discover breathtaking history and knowledge to amaze the world, secure a job with a 6 - figure salary, and you even have the ability to travel space if you work hard enough.

... But instead, you sit at your computer, harvesting virtual crops on a non-existent farm.
Guy 1: Hey, D'ya wanna -


Typical Farmville conversation.
by Faradonga December 18, 2010
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a largely addicting game played by millions of idiots who pay real money for pixel animals on their screen......most can also be found on irc chat....if you know someone playing this game, take away their pc as they are probably just a step away from beastiality
Hyuck i play farmville to look at those hotass sheep
by pixel killer April 07, 2011
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Game on Facebook where you do the following:

You buy, you sow, you reap, you sell, you buy, you sow, you reap, you sell, you buy, you sow, you reap, you sell, you buy, you sow, you reap, you sell etc.
Farmville is a never ending cycle
by Facebomb September 22, 2009
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A Facebook application game featuring an agricultural utopia with no seasonal changes (either spontaneous or seasonal), a market with an unchanging supply and demand and no competition, restless and immortal workforce and livestock, and an overabundance of happiness.
Damn. I need to save up for a mansion in FarmVille. No problem, I'll just grow bananas and potatoes right next to each, collect an endless supply of produce from my happy, unabused animals, sell all my goods to a market that will obviously buy them at the same price every time, and then build my mansion within 5 seconds. Yay!
by Metalpots April 04, 2010
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The absolute worst, most unappealing, downright stupid, idiotic, mind numbing, horrendous, dick-limping, vagina-drying, waste of time humanly possible. This sad excuse for an online game represents how far mankind has fallen, and shows just how severe peoples dumbness can be. How someone can find such a chore like FARMING so entertaining is laughable. So many lives are wasted everyday when people go and play this shit stained program on their facebook profiles. Some even have the audacity to speak of this wretched atrocity, gloating about how useless they are and how great their farm looks. This ends up disturbing the lives of the majority of the population who actually matter (the people who dont play farmville). Farmville is the kind of bad habit that can destroy life-long friendships or end a marriage, the hate inducing game is so downright awful, people go so far as to plot the murder of those who play it, which is understandable. When it comes to the future of the human race, all the addicts who believe there are part of something popular when playing farmshit, will hopefully be killed off by natural selection. While the rest of the people in the world, who deserve to live, are out living their lives continue to procreate, all of the inept addicts who are busy locked up by their computers playing farmfuck will slowly make the world a better place, right before they get to harvest that last goddamn crop, by dying.
Example 1

Guy(winner): Hey, just got off the phone with 100 hot horny girls, they want us to come over to their place! Lets go!!!

Nadsack(loser): Can't, I'm playing Farmville, waiting to harvest my crops.

Example 2
Guy(winner): Hey man, I'm soo sorry your family died in that plane crash.

by cockjuggling thundercunt November 03, 2009
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A facebook game that people who aren't good at real games play.

guy 2: cool bro... I'm going to go play a game that requires skill.
by herbalize October 27, 2009
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