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As a verb: asking someone a question with the idea that their answer will serve as the necessary conversational opening for you to tell some big story about yourself.
Dwayne: Have you ever been to France?
Shawna: Yes, I went there for two weeks with my family last summer.
Dwayne: I spent three months in France last summer, and man, I really know a lot about French life now. Let me tell you about this cafe I went to in Nice ... Bla bla.
Shawna: Ooh la la, does he know how to springboard!
by schlouk September 29, 2010
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The act of developing an erection so rapidly that the penis itself gyrates violently and audibly, like a spring board shortly after being used.
"Hey man, did you see the newest Transformers movie?"
"Sure did! Megan Fox gave me the best springboard!"
by foxwell adams January 06, 2010
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A man who is about to receive a blow job in a dark room, tucks his erect penis in his thighs. When the woman goes down to look for the penis, the man released his erect penis from his thighs and it springs up thumping her in the face.
The spring board is one of the most effective ways to leave a mushroom stamp on your girlfriend.
by Atom TwoThousand April 02, 2011
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When a woman dates a lesser man, in secrecy, when her real agenda is using him to propel herself into greater things and men. The man, who is the victim, is considered the springboard. Often the lady is in college, or trying to lose weight, between jobs, and once this accomplishment is met, she then springs off to greener pastures.
"Dude I can't believe you've been with such a hot chick for over a year now."

Friend : "Man, once she finishes college and hits the gym its over. She is just using you as a springboard to greater success."
by nameless white February 05, 2014
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When you floor a 6-speed until it redlines with the clutch in. then move your foot to the side (not up) off of the clutch, giving a massive burnout.
Pete springboarded his Dodge 2500 RAM until the tranny fell out
by 69BriGuy69 May 27, 2007
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Rhyming slang for "supreme court".
This is the way it sounds when Americans say "supreme court" in TV interviews.
Will has criticized Bush's selection this week of Harriet Miers to sit on the spring board. Bush didn't mention the controversy her nomination has created in Republican circles.
by Dan October 06, 2005
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