Gary is a mysterious man with unbelievably good looks. He is sweet and regal like his good buddy Ringo, the German Shepard. He can definitely get into his moods sometimes but its worth the wait to see him back to his amazing self. He's sexy in a reserved way which can make 'keeping your eyes to yourself', a very difficult task. His body is inked with beautiful works of art from head to toe and shows a piece of his expressive side. If he gets a chance to relax around you, you may see some of his own amazing artwork of all different medias. Every part of this great man is meant to be appreciated.
Did you see how gorgeous Gary is looking today?!
by ItsThatOneBitch October 18, 2013
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A term used by Mcdonalds crew to signal a hot chick at the counter
dude what time does Gary clock on?
i have to go downstairs to stock up for Gary
by derpFS May 16, 2010
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Gary is a boy who loves wearing puffy shirts similar to those of William Shakespeare and is also a lover of feather ink pens.
Oh look Gary is wearing his puffy shirt again.
by Bwhahahaaa March 28, 2011
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Slang for the drug cocaine. Based off the addiction of famous actor Gary Busey and his hyper personality.
Im feening for some gary.

I need an 8-ball of gary.
by tylertreason June 26, 2007
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A Gary is someone who is offensive in every single way

More or less a new word to describe total and utter gayness (not fagginess, just a really a douchey person all together)
what a gary that guy is....

For example, we named my tumour Gary. that freaking stupid gary getting all up in my shit.

Shut up Burton, your being such a gary.

fucking gary.
by Dmomma and Jbaby November 12, 2010
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An inconsiderate, douchebag jerk
Often tricks girls into thinking they(him) are kind and the perfect guy to be with but turns out not to actually be
My boyfriend was a total Gary, so I broke up with him.
by Finnre14 July 29, 2011
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A city that much of Indiana wishes belonged to Illinois and Chicago. A terrible city and industrial wasteland in northwest Indiana, next to Chicago, and one of the worst cities in the country to live. It is like 90% black and has a terrible crime problem. About 100,000 dirt-poor blacks live in this decaying--actually dying--Rust Belt city on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Gary was once the largest center of steel manufacturing in the country, until the 1960s, when the jobs were lost to overseas competition. The jobs and many people are gone and NEVER to return. Thank God that Gary does NOT represent the rest of Indiana. I'm sure that much of Indiana wishes Gary would belong to Illinois--let Chicago have it.
Gary is a bad city, but the hometown to the Jacksons: Michael, Latoya and Janet.
by May 20, 2008
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