Cricket slang for scoring 28.

The term Gary comes from former Ashes winning England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan. Who disguised himself as Leeds plumber Gary Watson to play as a ringer in a rematch between Goldsborough CC 2nds and Dishforth CC - The Secret Cricketer game five years later in August 4 2011. Vaughan, as a former International, was expected to score many runs during his innings. In the event he was out for Twenty Eight. In the original match in 2006, every Goldsborough player was out for a Duck (O), making them the worst scoring team in England for over 70 years.

With the help of Gary Watson (Michael Vaughan) Goldsborough restored pride to their club, defeating Dishforth who scored 105 - 6. Goldsborough won by three wickets scoring 107-7.
"He's got his Gary", "He needs a six to reach his Gary", or "Oh dear he's gone for a Gary" if bowled out on 28.

Multiples can be used, Double Gary = 56, Triple = 84 etc.
by Wonky Batsman August 25, 2011
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A way of calling a teacher a pervert.

Originated from Gary Glitter.
Mr.Haldane is such a Gary !!! he is always flirtin wiv the girls !!!
by Liverool May 04, 2007
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1. Gary. verb (eat) (ingest) to consume food in a hasty or quick manner.
2. Garied. past tense of Gary.
(Origin 2006 Muskegon, Michigan)
billy, you shouldnt gary your ice cream, you might get brain freeze

timmy garied the pizza, so his abdomen exploded
by Private Pwnage February 18, 2006
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Colloquial term used to describe one's father.

Derived from the name of actor Gary Oldman, whose surname, "old man", is in and of itself a colloquialism for father. Instead of saying "my old man", it is sufficient to say "my Gary".
1. "Can't go out tonight, I'm having a drink with my Gary."

2. "What do you want from Gary Christmas this year, Timmy?"

3. "Luke, I am your Gary."
by Trimp April 09, 2009
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Short for "Gary Groundwork", a term used to describe a guy doing the 'groundwork' to pick up a girl.
Guy 1: "You were the biggest Gary on Chloe at the party on Saturday!"


Guy A: "I think I might Gary Kate this afternoon"
Guy B: "You've got no chance"
by Gary G June 26, 2005
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