When a player get a set of 3s in a poker game, term derived from the high stakes poker games held in Prestwich, Manchester, games played by such celebrities as Devil Fish, Gary Brownlie, Aniello “The Bluffer Russo”, and Tony “Two Tone” Potts. All famous names within the English Poker ranks.
The flop comes;


One of the players is holding Pocket threes, and bets large, one of the opponents will ask, "you got a Gary?"
by HiddenPersonYouMightKnow July 6, 2009
How to describe a perfectly rolled joint.
You: "Mate that joints a total gary gary!"
by Leeroy Cheeseman November 3, 2010
When you have done something so stupid, that the only reason for you doing so can be that you have infact taken pills.
Dolan: "AY STE!"

Ste: "What?"

by Loplop509 July 1, 2010
No definition needed, just the name of an uncle who is always drunk
Uncle Gary, I know you're here. Get off Urban Dictionary and pick up your kids
by Comrade Boris February 27, 2020
A man who is incredibly sexy, but also funny. He tends to be a girl's dream guy. He's also really good in bed.
by kalidorma March 8, 2009
A critical bug in a computer program, resulting from a minor and understandable but still really bad mistake, that can take hours to figure out and fix. Named for Gary Gillespie, a Computer Science professor at UC San Diego, since he is prone to making small mistakes in his lectures that can drastically change their meaning.
Our professor told us to use sizeof(char)' instead of the number eight to make our code more readable, and it broke my program. Well it turns out sizeof returns the size in bytes, not bits, and all my code broke. What a Gary...
by ah95425 October 20, 2019
a fat nigga that looks like a snail n steals yo bitch
tyquan: “ damn gary jus took yo bitch bro”
by brochull May 2, 2019