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Allegra is the best person you will ever meet, She is very funny and nice!! she can get a bit bossy but she is still so amazing and i cant imagine not being friends with her, she is very loyal and will speak truth just to help you, she has great style! you also wouldn't want to loss her as a friend.
Allegra always pick good outfits for me! and is funny!
by FART123!!!!!! September 10, 2018
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A really nice girl who has a great sense of humor, is very beautiful, talented, and fun to hang out with. She always respects everyone's opinions and she is very responsible and caring. She also has a secret talent and loves the arts (literature, music, etc.). An Allegra is intelligent and knows how to be a leader, but can be a bit bossy sometimes.
1. Wow, we should definitely elect Allegra as our class president!
2. That new girl's name is Allegra, and she comes from Italy...
by Tumblrismylife October 09, 2012
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Allegra is always the life of the party. She is most often Brunette, with a Lil bit Italian. Doesn't speak the language but wants people to think she's ethnically diverse. Loves all things pasta. What a gorgeous human.
Wow look at that shawty
What's her name bro?
OH, it's gotta be ALLEGRA
by italianish August 14, 2017
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1. an allergy medicine

2. a very smart and pretty person.
unique and will get all jokes no matter how random.
one of those people who will tell you they got an "A+" on their test right after you tell them you got an "A".
When Allegra came out, I don't remember what year....

Allegra rocks.
by elephantsrock February 24, 2011
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1. An allergy medicine with a girls name
2. An extremely attractive girl with long thick legs that beg to be spread apart. Really cute and also really nice to talk to. Rows and is really tall.
1. My allergys are acting up, got any allegra?
2. Damn that Allegra chick is hot, have you seen those legs and ass?
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 23, 2010
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Allegra intelligent, artistic specimen who is far superior to all the dimwits in the world

2.a person who has a strong affinity for Harry Potter, Twilight, The Office, and Spring Awakening
1. Wow, Allegra created a magnificent piece of art! Plus she's incredible at Calculus and Chemistry!

2. That Allegra has read all of the Harry Potter and Twilight books, is in love with Jim Halpert, and won't stop singing 'The Bitch of Living'! Sheesh, what is wrong with her!
by AFav February 27, 2008
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