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A Garris is a wild and crazy man with a ponytail who loves 80's heavy metal and is good with dogs. A Garris likes to pretend to live in the 80's.
Johnny has been watching 80's movies all day! He is such a Garris!
by mrscls December 11, 2013
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Someone with no friends, a rage monster and down right asshole
P,1 β€œsome idiot punch me the other day.”
P,2 β€œwhat a fucking garri
by Barry Goodman July 24, 2018
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The Ultimate life saver

Saving lives since God knows

If you feel slapped once you taste it then it's good

The quickest belly filling food in the history of mankind

Beats any of these fancy cereals

You need to taste garri ASAP
I had a bowl of garri this afternoon, it felt like heaven and I'm full to the brim.
by Konamee May 11, 2019
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