Garnets are usually fat, lazy, annoying. It's a unisex name so if you find a male garnet he/she is either gay/tranny. Or if you find a female garnet he/she is tranny/lesbiano. Don't be a garnet. If you were named Garnet you are gay. Sorry to break it to you.
by Bad Dick Sexy Male April 18, 2019
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A mix between "gosh" and "darn it". Made popular by Lucas Cruikshank is his "Fred" series on youtube.
"Oh garnet the squirrels are running through the yard!"
by AyJayBay October 20, 2008
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going to the strippers an seeing youre friends mom working. then the friends mom rides you around like a dog on stage, now youre a dirty garnet.
"man im so embarassed i went to the rippers an got rode by mikes mom, im such a dirty garnet"
by steve jobbs September 30, 2006
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a suburban school full of middle/upper-middle class kids. The girls hoard brand names like a chi rat collects joints. The boys like to act like tough lax bros, but we all know they're scared of the dark, and girls (see: wangster). Known for football and a kick-ass extra curriculars.
Rob: Yo man, wanna hit up GRun?
Wiggz: Nah, gotta promote my shitty white-boy rap remix.
Emma: Not another!
Rob: Dude, you have more covers than Emma has Abercrombie tees.

You know what would be funny? to drop off these Garnet Valley badboys in the middle of West Philly.
by garnetvalley August 13, 2011
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a girl who ussually wants to make deals jacking off and often loses.
like garnet pham says it.. "You messed up person!!"
by ummmburgerrr February 18, 2005
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going to the strippers and seeing your friends mom working there. then she takes off your belt uses it s a dog collar and rides you around the stage.
man did you here about last night at the strippers , i'm such a dirty garnet!
by steve jobbs October 01, 2006
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