A person who is easy-going, fun to be with, sexy, capable, daring, sassy, lovable, loves to smile, able to laugh at anything including themselves, loves to joke around and know the value of fun. She is a person who doesn't take life seriously yet can cheer you up anytime. Also a type of person who will try to help those in any way they can.

But not a person to be messed with because she will go all out to get back at someone.
Danny: Dude, what do you think of the new transfer
James: Woah! She's a sapphire alright.

Everyone thinks Sabrina is a sapphire and so do i.

That girl sure is a sapphire, too bad she's taken.
by Midnight Dreams July 11, 2010
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Sapphire is a type of corundum. It occurs in every color except red, because red corundum is ruby. It is actually more durable than diamond, even though diamond can't be scratched. Durability in this case refers to corundum's ability to withstand wear and tear.

Some sapphires grow in the earth in such a way that when they are cut cabochon style (which is basically a smooth, domed shape), they display a six-rayed star that moves around as the stone is moved around a fixed light source. This is refered to as "asterism".
The Rockefeller Sapphire, blue, 62 carats.

The Star of India, grayish blue, 563 cts.

The Star of Asia, blue, 330 carats.

The Stuart Sapphire, blue, 104 cts.
by Ryan Thompson January 7, 2004
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Probaly the most amazing and sexyest person you will ever meat. Every persons fantasy.
damn sapphire, your so hot
by ppoke1117 June 28, 2009
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Probaly the most sexyest person you will EVER meat in your life time.
damn sapphire your so sexy :)
by babybear1117 June 28, 2009
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Shortened from "Bombay Sapphire," a type of gin. Otherwise known as the liquid of the gods. The perfect liquor for a gin gimlet (gin and lime juice).
If that bar doesn't have any sapphire, I'm not going in.
by ginsoakedgirl July 23, 2004
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Street name for drug crystal meth.

Commonly used in the eastern Canadian provinces.
Yo man, I'm gonna get some sapphire off my boy and trip out tonight.
by MajesticZombie June 9, 2013
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a girlfriend of a member of the crips gang, from the gang color (blue); compare "ruby red," meaning a girlfriend of a member of the bloods, whose gang color is red (data from 2007 high school girls in east new york, brooklyn)
She's a sapphire, for sure.
by GMD. March 28, 2007
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