BIG WHITE COCK! An average white guy(9" & up), often found in women/girls of a higher class, taste, discretion and are only 14% of the population (see Sexual endowment by latest testing)! As per the average sexual testing and stats performed by professional Sexologists! Proper measurement is consistant by measuring from the upper side of the male penis to its tip "ONLY". Unlike the popular hype that un-educated people prefer to believe, 84% of the female population "DO NOT care about SIZE". Err-go "SIZE DOES NOT MATTER" to the average woman! Girth maybe!
Educated Female: Don't mean to pop your bubble, but are you aware that the average blackman is .5" shorter than the average white man in all past and present professional testing? BWC is always larger than bbc, just the facts!

IDIOT Skank: Naw way, bbc is better than BWC. Yo don't know what yo sayin.

Educated Female: If you wish to believe in hype, lies and plain ignorance of the facts, its your loss. Let me know how Santa is, while your at it!
by ABSOLUTE FACTs December 20, 2007
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Because We Can .. used to defend yourself and others against any activity or thing you do out of a spontaneuous impulse. Can also be used to state your reasoning to someone that doesnt deserve a better explanation.
Kid: Why are you ________ (insert any activity)?
You + friends: BWC kid
by Prophet_of_cz October 02, 2007
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Big white cock. Found amongst most white boys associated with the hood. Normally these white boys date black girls only.
Damn u see Travis! Dat white boy packin a BWC!! Bigger than Tyrone's!
by DatWhiteBoyDK September 28, 2017
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