A group of try hard losers who think they are awesome because they consider themselves "ganstas". It's an image that make them look "oh so strong" when really they are pathetic whimps who hide behind this "gang", no more than a childish club, so that people "respect" them. Without this image they no longer get the attention they crave.
No more than a gathering of beggars who formed a club for themselves to help get the attention they seek.
by John Smith January 25, 2004
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a group of low lives who cant do shit with by them selves so they decide to make a gang and claim to be original even though they all do the same shit. Think they're cool cause they're part of a 'family' when they betray eachother all the time.
Bloods: rob, sell drugs, pimp, etc.
Crips: rob, sell drugs, pimp, etc.
Ms-13: rob, sel drugs, pimp, etc.
Mexican Mafia: rob, sell drugs, pimp, etc.

If you can do this you can be in a gang
by DRC92 August 06, 2009
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Groups of corny-ass people who think they're hot shit because they roll with a group of people, when in reality, they have no lives, no real employment, and are too immature to just buck up and deal with life and work in the fucking capitalist system and get money legally, cause they're fucking trashy-ass lowlifes. Point blank.
Stupid-ass hoodrat: Hey look at those people hanging out at the trade! I heard one of them's in the Crips! Gangs are so cool!
Me: If you call having a trashy homeless tan, going nowhere in life, being involved in meaningless violence, and pushing 40 "cool". Okay then. Oh-fucking-kay.
by Reubenn Walton March 04, 2009
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A buch of people who form a group,usually being teens and pre-teens.They for a group,or a "gang" to get love from each other,because there parents where either in jail or mistreated them.In the 90's,gangs started becoming involved in crime,weapons,drugs,pimps and money ; and are seriously disliked by the Police(or what gangs call them,Po-lice or PoPo).Each gang has there own name,hand shake/hand symbol and color.


The Bloods-Color Red,Red and Black.

Crips-Color Blue,Blue and Dark Blue.

Latin Kings-Color Gold,Yellow.

Gangsta Disiples-Color Gold,Silver.

Vice Lords-No Color Available.Mixed Colored Jerseys

La Raza-Gold,Yellow,Green.

Gangs are for lousy low lives.
by Da Hoodsta Balla August 23, 2005
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Multiple people regrouping to do a lot of things togheter. Most likely to be criminal but they usually stay togheter and chill.
All these gangs in the streets.
by Young_Thug March 20, 2015
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In my eyes the word 'gang' means a group of youths that walk around together and who think they are big hard men - this also means they are just cowards that cant fight their own battles and need the help of others - to add to this they commit crimes.
'A gang of youths kicked and punched a man to death in the early hours of this morning'
by confox May 28, 2008
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