~a phrase in the song "Gonorrhea" by Lil Wayne feat. Drake. The song is from the album " I Am Not A Human Being".

~having your dick inside a pussy

Man~ "I was in my bitch like a tampon last night when we were fucking"

"we in this bitch like tampons" weezey says
by alex304 October 18, 2010
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fleek : super fly like you feel on top of da world

bitch : we in this (bitch) could be used in so many scenarios a. youre a bitch b. we in this BITCH (building, room etc..)

da fuq : meaning the fuck? or why the fuck?
fleek : bitch, bitch finna get crunk we in this bitch on fleek da fuq? bitch, bitch on fleek get crunk we in this bitch on fleek da fuq? we in this bitch, finna get crunk eyebrows on FLEEK DA FUQ?
by chrisonfleek August 13, 2020
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"We are 12 in this bitch like a hooligan" is a well-known expression in France, but here it's traduced: in french it would be: "On est 12 dans cette pute comme un hooligan". This expression is used mostly in the east of France. You can use it when you are turning up to a song or freestyling with your friends (basicly when you're having a great time)
Pierre: Hey man can you put that japanese hardcore trap beat on the aux so we freestyle like garbage

Justin: e-yo man that's a great idea, who's dropping them bars first, you ?

Pierre: Nah man go ahead , I'm not feeling it right now,

*music starts*


Pierre: Wow man I'm ready now
*starts freestyling in yedish*
by gaylordjackass July 30, 2017
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