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A word used to confirm feelings or plans between two people or a group of people.
Joscy : We're going to get ratchet tonight
Desiree : gang gang
by Nacasupreme November 05, 2016
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A term used by small white kids who think their black in order to make themselves seem tough. Something Reece Bennett Bo likes to say.
"Yo the karate kid is lit, GangGang", said Reece.
by Big boner123 March 26, 2016
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The phonetic repetition of one's loyalty to one's own root system, philosophy, or family.
Bill: I wish to diversify my pharmaceutical portfolio by aggressively investing in cannabis blow pops and edible fentanyl licorice undies.

Stephen: you are gang gang for that omniscient flowboy cheddar, you fine fiend nigger. That mad shit bout to get dat rekt boi fire fuse lit and poppin', foo'! Crack on dat, my Cat-in-da-hat Commizerat!!
by 3rdbaseg April 14, 2019
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Australian cockatoo (callocephalon fimbriatum) with grey wings and body, and a pink head. Occasionally confused with a galah.
Was that a gang gang in the plum tree this morning?
by Slartibartfast69 May 29, 2018
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