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Shameless harassment of a customer by a cashier in the checkout line at any retailer for purchasing useless add-ons, warranties, or other junk that you could really care less about.

Named for the bullying of customers by GameStop employees to by Game Informer when you just want to pay for your video game and leave.
Damn, that lady at the grocery store GameStopped me by trying to sell me a candy bar and a soda. All I wanted was bottled water!
by AccioSuckIt March 09, 2011
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1. To get ripped off. Like BADLY.
2. To get absolutely horribly fucked over so much so that it makes you want to grab the newest newborn and choke the life out of it. Not that the writer of the entry endorses that kind of fun activity, but at the same time, the writer of this entry does in fact acknowledge the pain caused this type of BS we all despise and has made sure to describe it accurately enough so much so, that this is the kind of nightmare grammar shitstorm the average english teacher would make sure the whole infant choking situation a kind of "choke one, get one choked free" sort of deal.

3. The combination of "Gamestop" as in the awful corporation that causes beloved things like Steam to be born and "stopped" in this context to mean "stopped" from getting good value, a good deal, a good use of one's time, etc.
1. Those mofos at Plato's Closet gamestopped me bad! Or at least they attempted to! I left those fuckers long ago. Fuck, I'll just sell it myself online or donate it! What a waste of all sorts of resources!

2. I was in a rush to buy sandels so I stopped by some old dude's claustrophobic mess he calls a store and got something there without thinking. Got gamestopped soooo badly!
by DethKnot September 16, 2019
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