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A store where you can't just go in, buy a game and leave without being harrassed about other stuff.

Customer: Hi, I'd just like to buy Gears of War 2.

GameStop Employee: Alright. Would you like to get the regular version, or the special limited edition with the cool artwork and the metal box and the holographic trading cards and the extra DVD included for $10 more?

Customer: The regular version is fine.

GameStop Employee: Would you like to get the used version for $54.99 instead of $59.99?

Customer: Well... no, not really.

GameStop Employee: Would you like to get the strategy guide for $19.99?

Customer: No thank you.

GameStop Employee: Do you have an Edge card?

Customer: No.

GameStop Employee: Good, because you can sign up for an Edge card for $19.99. You can use the Edge card to get more store credit for your trade-ins. You can use it to get discounts when you buy used games. Plus it comes with Game Informer magazine, which is the best magazine ever.

Customer: No thanks, not right now.

GameStop Employee: We're also now taking pre-order reservations for Halo Wars, Street Fighter IV, Madden 2010, Resident Evil 5, and a bunch of other games that come out 2 years from now. For $5 down.

Customer: NO!

GameStop Employee: But it guarantees you a copy on the day the game is released.

Customer: I've bought plenty of games on the day it came out without reserving. Unless it's something like Halo, chances are the game will be available. Can I just buy my game?

GameStop Employee: Do you want to add a warranty to the game for $5 in case anything happens to it?

Customer: Do you want to shut the fuck up? I just want to buy the fucking game.

GameStop Employee: Do you have any used games to trade in for this purchase?


GameStop Employee: Want any free 6-month subscriptions to any of the following magazines? You can pick two.


GameStop Employee: Okay, here you go. Oh, and one more thing, at the bottom of your receipt is a website you can visit where you can enter to win a free game system of your choice.

Customer: ...
Going to GameStop with the intention of simply buying a game and leaving without being stopped, harrassed, threatened, and asked a bunch of questions, is about as realistic as going to an airport wearing a turban with a beard with the intention of getting on a plane without being stopped, harrassed, threatened, and asked a bunch of questions.
by TheoHux January 17, 2009

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A style of rap that originated in the South and spread to other places like Chicago and the New York/New Jersey area. The style usually consists of "mumbling" rap lyrics and sacrificing pronunciation clarity.

The mumble style likely is influenced from the following elements: the Southern drawl & pronunciation, the drinking of the drug "lean" which can slur speech patterns, and the wearing of gold teeth which affects pronunciation.

Example of Mumble rappers are: Future, Desiigner, Chief Keef, Migos, Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and Rich Homie Quan
Example of a Mumble Rap verse:

"Ah juh tooh suh molluh what es?
Gah suh bih from Follie wit us
She wanna fuh da squa, what es?
I'ma fuh huh braws, what es?
Bih fruh Pah'stan what up?
Ferraris and them Lambs, what es?
Bou ta fuh dis cluh up, what es?"

- Future, 2016
by TheoHux January 06, 2017

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