When a girl/guy intentionally leads the significant other on, to the point where they think that something could possibly happen, only to disappoint them. At the point of "games," one should give up immediately if he/she knows what is best for them.
We had been flirting for a week, and when I finally asked her to hang out she said, "What do you mean?" The bitch was obviously on games.
by #1gameh8r May 28, 2012
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A reference to a person that is all around very attractive, from their physical appearance, projected confidence, and ability to be in control of any situation.
You have no chance with that girl. Look at her, she has too much game for you.
by Urban_D April 09, 2008
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Virtuosity, Mastery, Wizardry, Fluency, Ability or Proficiency in accomplishing a task or acquiring object of desire. Said primarily of athletes and pick-up artists.
"He walked in and got her number, just like that. Dude is a born player with MAD game."

"Foo! You ain't got game! Get off the court."
by Eater of Kittens February 02, 2009
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An all-encompassing metaphor for any competitive activity requiring strategy to win. In the urban subculture this usually implies deliberate and premeditated acts of deception and/or the manipulation of the opponent's mind. Somewhat like the art of magic, it is an ability to create something out of nothing, or alter reality at will (in order to win).
by Execaters May 17, 2014
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1. getting at money everyday 2. getting ahead more effeciently
"if you have g.a.m.e you can get money,just because you have money doesn't mean you have g.a.m.e." - the mad mac
by the mad mac July 09, 2013
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ability; skillz; will to do something.
1. cuz you got no game son!
2. I've gots the mad game yo'!
3. quittin' on me? that's a sign of no game!
by Batman February 21, 2003
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