It is a type of Dutch. It comes in a variety of flavors ranging from vanilla, honey, green, tobacco, wine flavored and many more.
1. Yo man pass dat game over here so I can roll dis piff.

2. Dis vanilla game is da bomb brah.

3. Yo dis green game is fuckin blazin

4. Dude put some of this sticky icky in this wine dutch.
by Diesel0332 August 02, 2009
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Having The Skill In Something....Usually Getting Girls (Macking)...Or sometimes in a sport...
Sport Example:Damn...you just kicked my ass in football...you got game...

Macking Example:Yo you see him get that girl....he got game..
by Jay~ September 24, 2007
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1. Conversating with a girl, usually telling lies, to get her to give you her phone number or to let you beat.
"I went over and spit game to this fine ass girl last night."
by JJ March 02, 2005
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