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Gloucester, MA is the first seaport in America. All other towns named gloucester are poser towns basically. Gloucester is a tough part of mass full of irish and italians. Well known for its fiesta, and the greasy pole. The Perfect Storm was filmed in Gloucester, and all the sailors on the andrea gale were from gloucester.
Client: Yo man can I cop an ounce?
Dealer: Nah man I got jacked.
Client: No way! where?
Dealer: Gloucester
by corrdawg April 26, 2006
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An island city in Massachusetts and the oldest seaport in the USA. One of the first places European explorers ever landed was here on Half Moon Beach. Originally settled by the English, it was later settled by Portuguese and a group of people from a small corner of Sicily. It was at one time the most important fishing port in America.

Also contains an overgrown ghost town in the center of the island called Dogtown where people apparently attempted farming that quickly grew into a place for witches, outcasts, etc.

Home to all parts of the economic spectrum from the richest of the rich, celebrities, etc. to the poorest of the poor. Still a very historic and beautiful place to visit or live with all kinds of things to discover.

Despite beautiful natural scenery and one-of-a-kind local color Gloucester has one of the highest rates of heroin addiction in the United States.
Hey, wanna go walk the harbor, hit a few pubs, take a dip at the beach, maybe cop a 40 bag??

Absolutely *spits* hey found some heroin

Wow how did you find that so quick, and so cheap as well??

Gloucester, man
by jackkw6anww July 13, 2009
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The home of rough women and wiggas.
Look at the state of that old stink piece, she must be a Gloucester scummer.
by Kaiser February 17, 2004
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Town on the middle peninsula of Virginia, consisting of Gloucester Point and Gloucester Court House.

Also known as Gloucester County.

Most people who live in the Hampton Roads area are not exactly sure what is contained in this county. I would not blame them if they did not know what to think about the place.

Note: Don't drink the water.
Person 1: "Aybubbayagawtanyawsters?"

Person 2: "You're from Gloucester?"

by Nigger Charles August 02, 2008
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A very crap place to spend you life. Three words: don't do it! it is a shitty place to spend your teens with hardly anything to do until you find out about the guildhall and go to it's gigs!!
OMG! My second gig in a month!!
by helena venom April 25, 2005
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An area of Virginia with a nice rural feel. Under the nice facad of the town there are A lot of bad areas, mainly in the trailer parks near the Coleman Bridge A.K.A. "The Point", and the northern part of the county around Indian Road, Woods Cross, and Dutton Road. Not a lot of Murders occur there, but there are a lot of fights, and barely any jobs so drugs flood this county as well as drug addicts.
Gloucester Resident 1: "Got any herb?"
G.R. 2: "I got herb,ex,shrooms,coke,crack,acid,meth basically whatever."
by KB91 July 14, 2011
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Typical Chavy: Im fokin going down gloucestee market boys, an taxing me 50 lighters for a bar mush!
by subhuman November 07, 2003
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