Prostitution. Used in the phrase "on the game" to denote that the person is engaged in prostitution.
Mary couldn't pay her rent, she had to go on the game.
by Salvadore Allende January 22, 2004
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Slang used to decribe something that causes you joy.
OK Go is so game.
What do you mean you're leaving? You're so less-than game, yo.
Tony told me he thinks your mom is so game.
by Julianna the OK Go fan February 16, 2009
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Once you know about the game, you're playing the game weather you like it or not. When ever you think of the game, you lose the game. You can not lose for 15 minutes after you first lose, as to be given a chance to forget about the game. When ever you lose the game, you must announce it.
Jim: So i was talking to Shannon about this game we were playing last weekend...
Danny: Dammit, I just lost the game!
Crowd: Dammit
by fluffeh-kitteh110032 October 29, 2009
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The word shouted in response to someone calling shotgun in advance of a car ride. If called within 3 seconds, "games" enables a best of 1 Rock,Paper,Scissors game which must be played on "match" (ie."Rock, Paper, Scissors, Match") - the winner of which obtains the front seat position.
Damn, I totally snaked shotgun from that idiot because I'm all about games.
by Barnesa June 05, 2006
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"Game" is a quantity that is determined by the amount/quality of the hook-ups and/or relationships that a given person has endured. It is measured not by a unit, but soley in comparison to other people's game. Of course, there are other definitions of "game," but this definition has to do with how smooth a guy is with girls.
Yo, Trip has so much game bro.
by Mugwort King June 11, 2017
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