When someone ask if you're game, it means that someone asks if you are ready to do a certain action. Simultaneous it also implies that a challenge is included.
"are you game?" = "are you ready to take up the challenge?"
by flippergoose February 11, 2014
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A word game in which the response to absolutely any statement can be "You're a ____"
A: That's a horrible idea.

B. You're a horrible idea!

A. Don't you play the You Game with me!

A. It's not Thursday today.

B. You're not Thursday today!
by Ford Leiden December 28, 2010
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The game in which you verbally say "Fuck you!" while making eye contact with the other person. Eye contact is required. Once one person has looked into the other's eyes and "fucked" them, they are "fucked" for the day. Their only hope for retaliation is the next day.
Mike and Adam started to play the fuck-you game back in the day. Which was a Wednesday.

Adam: Mike tried to fuck me in the hall; but I got him first.
by aeijklmoty September 6, 2009
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A saying asking if you’re in or not. Someone probably is probably asking you to join them on an adventure or to do something.
I’m getting ice cream at 9 you game or what?
by Swat queen November 9, 2020
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1.the game in which you do drive-by insults
2. the game in which you yell fuck you at strangers
3. the game in which you yell obscenities at pedestrians from your car
We were playing the fuck you game and like 10 people flipped me off.
by Eli Vigil and Z Sessions May 21, 2007
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It's a game for two people at a time. The players take turns saying "I like you" or "I love you" or practically anything flirtatious until the other blushes. The one to blush losses.
I love the I like you game. It's great to play with my friends
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When you contact someone you haven't seen in a long time, and they will typically say "I miss you! We should hang out!/Lets meet up sometime!" However, when you go to make plans or contact them again. They never respond back or claim they are busy during that time.
Girl 1: Hey, haven't seen you since last day of school!
Girl 2: Aww yeah! I miss you so much! We should hang out :)
Girl 1: Cool lets make plans :D
Girl 2: *Never responds back*

- or -

Girl 2: I'm busy that day. *No further explanation*

Those are the two typical scenarios of the "I miss you!" Game.
by ClaireLyons August 8, 2011
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