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To watch many episodes of Game of Thrones, following/investing in a noble character's rise to a climactic moment in the storyline, only to see their fate completely ruined within 30 seconds by a sudden, random and unforseen turn of events.
"Wow, for the 6th time now, I was totally Game of Throned by that character I love being killed unexpectedly, in the most shocking way possible, just as he/she was about to do something great…"
by valenti June 02, 2014
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When someone in a series/movie that catches the crowd's interest and love and dies 5 seconds after being introduced.
Example 1:
Dude 1: It sucks so bad , I was watching a series and there was an awesome character that was so nice but he died 2 minutes later it's frustrating..
Dude 2: Happens all the time man , he got Game of Throne'd.
Example 2:
Dude 1: Man this new character appeared in the zombie series I'm watching he's so funny.
Dude 2: He's gonna get Game of Throne'd anyways don't get too attached.
by SidgetFinner July 03, 2017
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