Girl with a massive bootayyyyyy🍑🤤
Oh god do u see that Medi🤪 she’s thiccccckkk
by MaKiNgPeOpLeSmIlE September 11, 2018
Short for 'mediocre' but used in a sense that something is 'fucked up' or 'shameful'. Can also be used as a replacement for the slang term 'grimey'
"Yo you're medi! why u have to slash his tires like that?"

"Can't stand to watch him. His dance moves are straight medi."
by J. Phillz January 29, 2009
Intelligent, funny, tender, faithful and protective, Medy is the best boyfriend that can exist.
He is the private property of girl which wanna be his wife for life.
I hope that Medy will be the one with whom I will share my life.
by 11/09/2016~love-for-life June 5, 2017
Medie, is a South African slang words which initially meant "Mary"
Mary being a general term used for girl or woman
Did you check dat Medie, sy is lekker befok
Did you see that Medie, she is crazy

Gaan daai Medie trou
I'm going to marry that Medie oneday
by BanaMpundu November 28, 2018
Coined by on Episode 13 of Best of the Worst, Non-medy is the opposite of comedy, used to describe the phenomenon of being in a normal state until experiencing a bad joke, which elicits a frown and pushes the viewer into negative laughter.
"There are jokes that make you laugh, okay? And then there are jokes that you have no reaction to. But every now and then there's a joke so bad, it makes you less laugh. Like, you'll just be sitting there normal, and then the joke will happen, and then...(frowns)...slightly less smile, even though you weren't smiling. And that is called Non-medy." - Rich Evans, Best of the Worst
by OldSchoolZinger February 22, 2014