Anything fly, dope, sugary, or even perhaps down.
"Your Mom is fuckin' Galactic. She could get in deep for getting us that bottle."
by Owen M. February 15, 2005
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1. A member of and who often refers to himself in the third person and ends all his posts with ^_-;

2. SRKIA Lieutenant General
Galactic ends all of his posts with this:

by Gantz December 17, 2004
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Anything that has to do with space, stars, galaxies, planets, starships, etc.
I do not like to watch galactical movies like Star Wars or Star Trek.
by Chilerican May 31, 2019
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when you do something bigger than usual.
We did it real galactic at our show lastnight.
by Peril May 20, 2006
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a person is "galactable" if they say things and the gullible believe it. a completely made up word used to distinguish the idiots from the "normals" in a group.
"... really??"
"no, i'm just really galactable."
"what does that mean?.."
"sigh... it means that you believe anything i say"
by jordanlabrom October 24, 2005
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Any fuckable pussy found in outerspace, humanoid or alien.
Captain Kirk loved exploring any new galactic gash he could find, he would boldly go where no man had gone before.
by jpg3 April 6, 2011
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One who has transcended to a near unachievable plane of douchebaggery. This douchebag is considered extremely rare, and "not of this world". They are more appropriately labeled as "not of this solar system", or "Galactic". Achieving this level of douchebaggery is widely accepted as only theoretically possible.
Paul: "What the fuck is wrong with THAT asshole"?

Mike: Bro, don't even try to figure it out. Justin is a douchebag on a "galactic scale"....or Justin is a "Galactic douchebag".
by Nadasurfer March 23, 2015
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