A new facemask thing Urban Dictionary is selling next to their mugs, and just like their mugs, they're trying to force everyone to buy it. $24.00 per gaiter.
Person 1: hey I just went to urbandic and found that there's a new thing next to the mug.
Person 2: I.. don't even know what you just said.
Person 1: ugh, they sell gay-ters now.
Person 2: gaiters?
by Lightwalker360 April 25, 2020
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A gay waiter. They're pretty common, might as well give them a name.
"Helloooo there, I'm Sebastian and I'll be your gaiter this evening."
by Vinny J. March 15, 2010
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1.One who lives in a ritzy high class gaited community dwelling 2.A "high class,better than the rest" attituded person
He's such a gaiter when it comes down to choosing sides.
by imabit August 28, 2003
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This thing that Urban dictionary wants you to buy along with their Mug because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Get the Karen neck gaiter and mug
by Duckbill233 July 29, 2020
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like if a fucking mug wasnt enough.
Hey. did you know that UD recently added new merch?
Oh yeah? what is it?
A fucking neck gaiter.
by MrMikeX May 4, 2020
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1. article of clothing worn about the neck for warmth
2. Thing urbandictionary wants you to buy along with a mug
Mike, 10 years old: What does "sex" mean?
Urbandictionary: sexual intercourse, by the way, Do you want a neck gaiter and mug of the word Sex to your dying beloved grandma named vanessa?
by mexicantoilet February 5, 2021
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