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like if a fucking mug wasnt enough.
Hey. did you know that UD recently added new merch?
Oh yeah? what is it?
A fucking neck gaiter.
by MrMikeX May 04, 2020

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Someone without slavic ethnicity that suddenly goes into high liking of Slavs, what to them mostly is just drunk people who listen to rave music, drink alot of alcohol and squat for fun, Theyre most based on slavic pop culture, like raging russians playing CS:GO and low quality montages featuring mostly drunk eastern europeans doing unusual things. or are just too blind to see what slavic countries really are, usually speaking out things like "Cyka Blyat" or "Rush B" while attempting to get attention and act "funny" but it mostly comes out looking miserable, this often comes out as misunderstanding of the word "gopnik" and in every circumstance its an insult to the race itself, also watch youtubers based around the topic, like hardbass channels or such. slavaboo youtubers exist and the biggest example may be "Life Of Boris" in which the channel's owner isnt actually of slavic ethnicity.
Guy 1: Yo Comrade! Jump into Tha Lada and we Rush B!

Guy 2: Those fucking slavaboos are absolutely everywhere
by MrMikeX October 16, 2020

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a youtube channel based mostly around vlogs and gaming, the channel is mostly known for the fact that the owner of the channel tries to mimic slavic pop-culture, like drunk russians doing dumb things and such. a common misunderstanding is that Boris, the owner of the channel is thought to be slavic while he is actually not, hes more of a joke to the people of actual slavic ethnicity and more of a king to the Slavaboos.
Guy 1: Hey dude, do you watch Life of Boris?

Guy 2: You mean that phoney that every Slavaboo worships?
by MrMikeX October 16, 2020

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