a member of the online community, Gaia Online. Gaiafags are normally characterized as being abnoxious, weeaboos, and online role players.
by /b/lack up April 1, 2007
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A derogatory term used on gaia online members. Usually classing those called it as nerdy, stupid and/or lacking a life.

The result of calling someone a gaiafag varies between each person usually depending on how much of a fan they are but is usually shrugged or laughed off.
"Oh look! It's a gaggle of Gaiafags!"
by Leepaige April 24, 2007
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Anyone with an account on Gaia Online. 99.89% of them are weeaboo and posses an intelligence comparable to 99.89% percent of all Liberals. They speak in wapanese and with faggoty emoticon text. Occasionally they "invade" 4chan or any other 'chan and start to fag up the place along with their allies, the furfags. No threat to Anonymous.
Gaiafag (pretending to know japanese): NANI O DESU NE KA? O.o
OMG KAWAII!!!!! ^_^
ANTA WA BAKA!!!11!!1!1!!!! -_-'

Anonymous: GTFO Gaiafag!
by Zelnick February 11, 2007
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