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A cool guy. Normally sweet and sensitive, especially to women, a Gaelan can become friends wit girls easily and mistaken as a flirt. A Gaelan may often be mistaken for another meaning of Gaelan, but is still cute non the less. A white Gaelan, ruffly around 5'8 is known to be amazing in bed.
Girl 1 'Hey who's that cute guy over there?'

GHirl 2 'OMG he's such a Gaelan, I love him already!"
by Happyiwish1 April 11, 2011
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Common terminology for an older male at central North American comic/anime/science conventions. A Gaelan usually "creeps" on young girls dressed in cosplay by following them around the convention centre or watching them from afar. A Gaelan is usually crossdressing and uses it to strike up a conversation. Tends to be very into roleplay; uses it in sexual ways.
Example 1:

S: "Hey Alannah who's your friend there...?"

A: "Oh just this guy I met, he's cosplaying Nana!"

(Pulls Alannah away so he can't hear)

S: "Dude he's a total Gaelan! Ditch him!"

Example 2

G: "You... have epic cleavage."

S: "I'm only 16, gtfo!"

(Runs away)
by Raven56 November 18, 2010
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a male who cannot take a hint from women.

a male who can never reach climax during sexual intercourse.

Girl1: How was your night with that guy?

Girl2: He was a total gaelan!!!!
by Hot Dog in the Hallway November 12, 2006
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1. A mans man
2. Cheap Drunk
3. G-unit
4. Godlike appearance
5. Hits the G-spot all the time 0.1 % of the time
6. Vengeful
7. White and Nerdy
8. Racist
Oh my g, its like im standing in the presence of Jesus. Lets get drunk and steal a bike, off like (1/2) a beer. Gaelan. Studies obsevdivly,
by Gaelan December 03, 2006
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speccy git who is known for wearing a long stripy scarf, and for an obsesssion with top gear, richard hammond, tea, doctor who, and bananas
is quite funny
"ooooooh look at that GAELAN over there! she's well speccy"
by johnnyanddenise December 13, 2007
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