Nana is an amazing, pretty, funny, crazy and attractive girl. She has many friends due to the ease in which she makes friends as she is so approachable. She always puts people before herself and is the mother (cool mum) of any of her friendship groups. Nana is loyal and somebody you can trust. She also tends to be dark skinned. She has nothing to do with being of the older variety.
Wow, I wish I could be like Nana
by #Craycraynat April 12, 2018
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Nana is the smartest girl you’ll even me. Literally she will be your partner in crime and will literally do anything for you. Despite her attitude she can literally be a joy in your life. She will literally do anything with you no matter how good or bad. She’s an excellent person for inside jokes. You can literally tell her ANYTHING and she won’t judge. You’ll have wild adventures with her and have really weird conversation as well as good ones
by BlueBerryTea June 12, 2019
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Someone you can call on when you need them and they'll be there within a blink of an eye. A beautiful person on the inside and out. Someone you can depend on all the time, to love and treat you right. She's the best at her job and the wisest person I know. She is so kind and considerate and will do anything to make you happy. Give's the best hugs ever and make you feel up when your down. You are so lucky if you have or had a nana in your life.
Girl: I had a terrible time at school today; the girls are just so mean to me sometimes.
Nana: Ohhh..poopi come here and give nana a hug.
Girl: I love you so much nana.
Nana: I love you to poopi
Girl: Nana, you call me poopi all the time...
Nana: Because you'll always be my pooibear
Girl: aww nana, I feel better already
Nana: And those girls at school are probably insecure and jealous

Girl: Your probably right nan's,
Nana: Mhhhm...
Girl: You're the best, thank you for listening.
by I put that sh*t on every April 10, 2020
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Someone you will truly love and I dose not mean that she is your grandma it also means a person who took care of you a person who is a mother figure to you someone who makes you laugh and spends time with nana is a person you will love for your whole life and a person who not afraid to say anything im your face someone who expresses there feeling
She is my nana
by Annoymunous March 25, 2018
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only the coolest person in the world! not related to granny or granma in any way
wow dude! look, here comes Nana!
by February 02, 2010
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The sweetest and all-round kindest person ever! She is very caring and funny but sometimes offends little kids over dumb things.
Nana: A sweet girl.
by Urban Dictionary✅ April 16, 2020
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She is an amazing person that will love you she probably will be your mom in the situation but she will take care of you . She is loud and funny and give warm hugs . When she drinks that gilr is crazy .
Nana : weirdo
by Lolyagirl12 May 15, 2021
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