Not to be confused with specky, this term refers to the highly popular 80's home computer The ZX Spectrum. Believed to be coined by Your Sinclair magazine.
The speccy was the computer that had a heart for a processor.
by chird September 10, 2003
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- Of an action or person who is a well balanced combination of thirst and innocent cheekiness.
- Describing someone who is teasing playfully with sexual undertones.
- Stop being so speccy, Ashlyn, we're in public.
- What? I totally did not just pinch your butt cheek! Heehee!
by Swiss Mountain Cow February 29, 2016
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The definition of a speccy means someone that wear glasses.

This can be considered as an insult to some.
by Thewansforscotland🏴󠁧 March 14, 2019
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A footy mark where you springboard off the other players back to catch the ball
Holy crap did you see Kerr take that speccy off big bad bazza?
by Andy Nonymous April 21, 2008
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A word that only people who need glasses can say.
Hey, since when we’re you speccy?
by Speccy beast September 24, 2020
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A speccie is a person with special needs, Autism, down syndrome, that kind of thing. It's usually an insult.
"bob is such a fucking speccie"
by Bobby_Knobby_ June 22, 2019
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