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Noun: A truly honored position, to be a Gustav is to be one of the most elite in ALL of society and human history in general. Gustavs are the unrivaled most attractive and charming people in their generation and are dangerously handsome. They are delicate and powerful, divine and demonic, cute and intimidating, to be confronted with a Gustav is to be bombarded with raw emotion. Gustav is love, Gustav is life, Gustav is everything, GUSTAV will steal your girl.
Gustav can alternatively be used as a particularly grandiose compliment. Be WARNED, the use of Gustav as a compliment must be JUSTIFIED and MEANINGFUL. No going around calling everybody a Gustav.
Person 1: Woah is that- is that a Gustav? My heart, it's as if it's beating out of my chest! I-I can't! AAAHHH!
Person 2: NO! Wolfgang! The raw influx of emotion simply struck him dead! Oh Gustav, you hilarious prankster!

Person 1: You're a real Gustav, Gottfried.
Person 2: Woah! Sorry Rosa, that compliment is a bit too extra for me. I value you just as a friend.

Person 1: *Slaps knee* Friendzoned agaain......
by WOLFGAAAAAANG March 05, 2019
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Gustav is not only a man, he is a God. He is a man who feels proud when he can outsmart everyone around him, aka every time. Not only is he handsome, but he has an amazing sense of humour. He is proud of his Swedish roots and the names meaning: "Staff of the Geats". People call Gustav a king because of his awesomeness. He is a man of honor and respect.
1: "Who is that handsome fella over there"
"Oh, that's just Gustav , the King of this place"
by KingGuz June 04, 2013
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A devastating hurricane that was a category 5 hurricane when it hit the golf cost. Gustav in Old Swedish Orgin means "staff of the goths".
Gustav is coming!! Runn!!
Tell the new orleans people to evacuate!!
by Supermetalfreak August 30, 2008
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Gustav is an amazing person, with an interesting sense in politics.

He is ofte seen singing "chocolate rain" but replacing rain, with dick.
He is a beautiful person, outside and in.

If you find a gustav, keep him - and dont ever let hime go.
person 1: I hate myself
Gustav: Huge speech about acceptance
person: You are amazing, thanks *hug*
by ThatWeirdoOnTumblr April 18, 2016
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He likes to Fuck moms (he really has a thing for moms) he is a fat cunt who sits onside all dat to play roblox forntite his moms computer he is so fucking stupid and his arguments suck big fat Dick
Hey see that legend over there

Yeah Gustav
by Yeet epic January 06, 2019
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Gustav is a man that likes to think of himself as god when in reality they are nothing more than a poor smuck.
by LeakyDrain December 13, 2016
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