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Gustav is not only a man, he is a God. He is a man who feels proud when he can outsmart everyone around him, aka every time. Not only is he handsome, but he has an amazing sense of humour. He is proud of his Swedish roots and the names meaning: "Staff of the Geats". People call Gustav a king because of his awesomeness. He is a man of honor and respect.
1: "Who is that handsome fella over there"
"Oh, that's just Gustav , the King of this place"
by KingGuz June 04, 2013
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A devastating hurricane that was a category 5 hurricane when it hit the golf cost. Gustav in Old Swedish Orgin means "staff of the goths".
Gustav is coming!! Runn!!
Tell the new orleans people to evacuate!!
by Supermetalfreak August 30, 2008
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Gustav is an amazing person, with an interesting sense in politics.

He is ofte seen singing "chocolate rain" but replacing rain, with dick.
He is a beautiful person, outside and in.

If you find a gustav, keep him - and dont ever let hime go.
person 1: I hate myself
Gustav: Huge speech about acceptance
person: You are amazing, thanks *hug*
by ThatWeirdoOnTumblr April 18, 2016
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Gustav is a man that likes to think of himself as god when in reality they are nothing more than a poor smuck.
by LeakyDrain December 13, 2016
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1. A name
2. The name of my genitals
1. Gustav and I were playing outside, by a cold january night.
2. Hey baby, Gustav is feeling alone! Wanna make it cry?
by Letace December 27, 2007
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Pronunciation: Goose-tav
- gustav, gustavo, gus-taav, goosetav

1.Someone who looks proud when they answer back with the insult "your mum!" or walks around constantly with a nike TN cap on and with his hands down his pants feeling himself. Someone who has no coutesy and is willing to "beat the shit" out of you if you say a sentence without at least 4 "fucks" in.Someone who has lost their virginity by the age of ten, usually to a beast of a girl, that he paid for.

2.People who attempt to boost their self-esteem or confidence by posting their most negative and stereotypical beliefs from the scial barrier of the Internet.

3.A person of low intellect.

4.A person incapable of earning their own living.

5.A person who, due to some profound physical/biological anomaly, is incapable of feeding, dressing, or bathing themselves.

"why is he trying to outsmart a dog...what a gustav"
by JohNny D June 19, 2006
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