A girl working in a club or bar in the Philippines to keep male customers company. The "Guest Relations Officer" or GRO always gets the men to buy her inflated priced "Ladies Drinks" that she gets a monetary kickback from. Nearly all GROs are prostitutes who can be "Bar Fined" and taken from the bar for short time or long time sex. Nearly all GROs fall under the auspices of the "Maddam" and live at the bar or in substandard dormitories provided by the bar.
After the cute little GRO got me to buy her several ladies drinks, she suggested I bar fine her and take her back to my room for all night sex.
by Mark8 April 10, 2007
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GRO means Guest Relations Officer and it is a term used only in the Philippines. GRO's are Prostitutes that are employed by Hotels. They are sometimes advertised on little folding cards that the hotel leaves in the room. These cards will often say that in room massage service is available. It is understood that this for an in room prostitute or GRO.
I stayed in the Manila Hotel in the Philippines and I called the front desk and requested a GRO to come to my room.
by Hugh G. Rekshon August 29, 2014
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My friends and I would always see who could find the best deal for lunch, it got so annoying typing in Check out the deal at so and so... that we began typing in the simple term gro. Everyday I get a text that says something like gro Pizza hut.. much easier. lol brb ttyl lmao
by stevage8415 May 11, 2011
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A shortened version of grody, meaning gross, disgusting, icky, poopy, or any other word you can think of meaning distasteful or unattractive. It can also be used to describe a grody person, such as a hobo, a really ugly stripper, your ex-boyfriend, a really annoying president, or any random person you may see on the street that you'd like to casually make fun of with your friends.

Gro-gro is essentially two words, not one, which are linked together by a magical hyphen. Gro-gro can be written with or without the hyphen, but using the hyphen ensures that saying 'gro' twice is not a typo, an indeed purposeful.

'Gro-gro' is © to Befera, because she made it up while at camp.
"Ew, it's a gro-gro!"
"That guy over there is such a gro-gro."
"Did you know that your mom is sort of a gro-gro?"

"That's pretty gro-gro."
"Why would you eat that? It's gro-gro!"
"That's probably the most gro-gro thing I've ever seen."
by Befera July 7, 2008
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The sound that a boner makes.
"i was about to go down on him when i heard a groing."

"the entire class heard me groing during the middle of the presentation on chlamydia. It was SO embarrassing!"
by altapurplewrench August 12, 2009
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A gros was a type of coinage of France from the time of Saint Louis.
by Hercolena Oliver May 28, 2010
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