I went to Manila this summer and it is very humid there.
by FlipFigga December 6, 2003
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Manila is the capital of the Philippines. Its definition is derived from words with Visayan origin, man- + tila, which literally means “somebody who licks”. The reason why the capital of the Philippines has been given such name is because Manila is a place where one can find prostitutes easily, even back when Spaniards occupied Philippines.
Person 1: Saan kayo magbabakasyon? (Where are you having your vacation?)
Person 2: Pupunta ako sa Manila, ang kabisera ng mga burikat.
(I’m going to Manila, capital of the hoes.)
by epa110 May 8, 2019
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Girls name usually given to sweet little Italian chicks. Manila's are normally super hot and have all the boys chasing after them however don't seem to pay much intrest back. They are high achievers in life and sometimes Mega rich. Girls that go by the name manila normally fly through life and find themself a hella hot guy that spoils them mad. She can be often named a slag or a neek because of the envy others give her. Manila's are sex goddesses although they like to wait until they find the right guy. They have some damn big ass and are commonly mistaken as trash because of the capital city they share a name with.
That girl over there, she's so fit what's her name, Isn't it Manila??
by Crazykitten1993 April 15, 2017
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a person who's taking up the gosh darn sofa
Wow dude you're being such a manila, move please.
by trap5 4r3n7 64y March 8, 2018
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Indian teachers bad pronounciation of vanilla
Mrs.sharma: o i love manila ice cream!
by fellupafill69 February 23, 2004
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MANILA: The most dirtiest and polluted city and capital known to man. Gas{car exhaust} is everywhere, abandoned children with dirty faces somewhat "attack" your car while riding around. Pickpockets and 1 peso whores are common. Muslim extremists are also everywhere ready to kidnap you at any given moment. Also, "Manila" is a place somewhere in the world where the political bigshots are. Thats the REAL definition of "Manila".
I lost my wallet in this place called Manila
by Just Me February 9, 2005
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