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Gay Pony Porn, such as 'My Little Pony' porn.
Fchan has the GPP.
Kyle loves his GPP.
by C.B Walker July 10, 2008
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GPP or better known as "girls per party" is a simple but important calculation that allows men all over the world to compare their woman "getting" abilities.

The equation is simple: Girls you have hooked up with at parties, divided by the number of times you have partied.

This equation is great for letting your friends know they suck at pulling hoes.

The different levels of GPP goes as follows:

.1 GPP -You dont get very many girls, but you can

.2 GPP -Your alright, but you need to improve a little

.3 GPP- Your a unknown superstar on the rise.

>.4 GPP- You are the king of parties and you rule hoes with an iron fist.
"Yo Scotty hows your GPP doin?"
"Horrible man, im down to a .25"
by Arian Ghoreishi July 22, 2008
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a gay under ground ping pong club that is more concerned about the most flamboyantly gay acts thought possible than with actual ping pong. Also everyone talks with a crappy French accent. Gpp= gay ping pong
Andrew -"hey moe didn't jr have the gpp title for ten years in the seventies?"
Moe -"yeah but I was the most recent champ"
by andrewgarrett February 11, 2008
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Gangsta Pea Pods.

A gang who claims green and uses peas as their weapons. Rotten peas used as bullets and pea juice used as mace.
Snappea and Poppea get the GPP together for a raid on the local gangs.
by Poppea July 10, 2008
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Genuine People Personalities.
Invented and Endorsed by the Siruis cybernetic corporation, who were first against the wall when the revolution came about.
by Thegreatnick March 16, 2005
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"Getting Paid to Poop" - Term used when taking a shit at work while still being on the clock.
Man in first stall - "You down with GPP?"
Man in second stall - "Yeah you know me!"
by BeavisChrist32 July 07, 2008
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Short for "Gas Propelled Poop"
A bowel-movement that is forced out the ass assisted by intestinal gas, requiring little to no effort to expel from the person shitting. Also called a G.A.P. or "Gas Assisted Poop"
"Well, it was a large dump, but it was a G.P.P., so I just sat back and let 'er rip."
by psoodonym August 06, 2008
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