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GNL- the ebony version of lol, saying( gotta nigg** laughing).
Knock Knock, Whose there, ............, .....Who, .........-gnl
by D to da.. June 20, 2009
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Abbreviation for Gambled 'n Lost. This is a type of fart that ends up in disaster. You try to sneak a fart out but you end up crapping your pants.
As Bob was driving home late on 290, he tried to buy some time and let some gas out. However, he proceeded to crap himself, soiling all of his clothes.
by :devil January 11, 2004
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You have gas but you get too cocky and try to release it. You know you have to take a dump but you are too lazy to go to the bathroom. Your failed attempt to cheat nature leads to soiled drawers. You Gambled 'n Lost.
I just GNL'ed so now I have to go home and change my underwear. I probably should take a shower while I am at it.
by GNL January 10, 2005
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