When pronounced ("Gee-gee"), sounds like the slang term for "penis" in Chinese Mandarin.
You have a small gg.

You have a small penis.
by Dari Ro June 23, 2013
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GG or Good Game.
Usually encountered in eSport game match to unofficially say 'we concede'. The other team would then reply with 'gg' or 'gg wp'

it's usually combined together with wp (well played) as one phrase
TeamAnoob1: ggwp
TeamBpwnByNoob: gg wp

TeamAnoob1 has called a vote for TeamA to concede

. . .

TeamA has conceded the match, stats have been recorded.
by zonnetje July 08, 2011
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Good Game. Depending on context, it is either insulting or polite. If GG is uttered after you've been utterly crushed in a game, then it is purely condescending and insulting; otherwise, it should be considered a polite remark.
I can't believe you managed to break through all my tanks, GG!
by Anonymous January 18, 2003
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An acronym of "good game", which is a term that "good sports" use at the end of a competitive game.
by Galactipod October 24, 2016
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From Genetic Girl. A female born biologically/anatomically as a woman. The other being women whom were identified as male at birth but whom now identify as female. t-girl
"I meet the cutest gg at a bar in the Castro last night."
by Patches June 24, 2004
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