Pronounced "jee-jee"

1. good game, used either after a game ending between opponents or as a sign of someone getting "owned"

2. Chinese word for "penis" also spelled "jiji"
1. "HFS, GG man!"

2. "You have a small gg."
by jack l. May 24, 2005
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GG can imply and mean several things depending on the context.
Some common ones are: Good Game, Going Gay, Going Good, Gay Gangster
Yoga: How are you?
Purv: GG.
Yoga: Going good?
Purv: No here I meant Good Game.
by Yoga1210 October 04, 2018
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Short hand for "Gangster Gugel." Reserved for the most badass, outgoing, awesome, and of course Gangster German Girl in D-Town!
That girl Aru is one hott GG!
by Brutus_0027 April 21, 2013
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Git Gewd” A sly internet gaming meaning after a finished match.
Pwning players at a match of FPS such as Rainbow Six: Seige. At end of game, pleasantries are usually exchanged such as saying, “Good game” . As the original meaning of “gg”. But to further exuberate taunt, top players would add “gg” and then add “git gewd”.
by dEVVFUS December 07, 2018
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Literally something that you say after every match on a multiplayer video game.

An acronym for "good game" or "go go" (usually said at the start of a match). It's usually used because it's very quick to type out and you want to acknowledge the other gamers that you played with without having to start an awkward conversation that no one really want to participate in.
*Minecraft skywars game ends*

x420noscopez420x: "gg"
69ididurmum: "gg"
smokew33derryday: "gg"
xXbumassbeetchXx: "gg"
virgin4lyf: "gg"
bigdick420: "gg"
bawsaq: "gg"
by Homeless Chicken August 31, 2017
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Acronym for 'Great Guy'. Now being spoken phonetically ("Gee-Gee"). A unisex term -- women can be gg's too.
He helped me out with my homework. What a gg.
by bountybar64 July 16, 2010
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GG = Golden Gamerz or Golden Gamers,depending on how you consider the type of gamer you are.
Golden meaning older gamer or gamerz depending on hat type of older gamer you are.
Golden is not your age ,its how long you played that Game.
Hey i played with you here so often LOL you must be a GG/golden gamer by now.
Trap wants to be a GG/Golden Gamer,hes had 15 kills without a death.
by [GG]sm0ke! July 08, 2006
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