A gaming term used by gamers meaning "Good Game"
GG dude, GG
by Jigglypuah May 26, 2016
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gg means "good game." Its often used at the end of rounds in games like Day of Defeat, Counter Strike, Empire Earth, and other multiplayer online games.

Even people from countries that dont speak english use gg at the end of games. For those of you guys who use it and dont speak english....

gg = "bien joue" (jouer?) en francais

gg = "Gut Spiel" (gutes?) ein Deutsch

gg = "juego bueno" en espaΓ±ol

....and thats about all the other languages i know
*round ends, going to next map on CSS*
Person 1: gg
Person 2: gg
by Ben Kenobi the second June 27, 2006
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GG usually means good game, but it also means get good.
teacher: what is the capital of illinois?

kid1: san fransisco?

kid2: GG baddie
by bLiTcH December 23, 2007
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A word that used to mean "good game" or way to say I frickin owned your ass.

But now is used more as a compliment. Such as "gg" as in that was good or "OMG THAT WAS SO GG" as it was good.

Because it actually doesn't make sense to say "that was so good game" because that doesn't make sense.

The compliment has no become similar to OG as in a compliment as "that's so OG" is now used as "that's so GG"

OG means original gangster.
*After seeing an awesome breakdance video*


*Does awesome move*

by creekutsu February 05, 2009
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In the computer game, Diablo 2, gg refers to Godly Gear. Namely, rare items (or glitched/bugged items) that have desirable modifications on them. The specific combination of mods on them that are extremely rare to come by makes an item gg.
gg items 4 hrs (trading godly gear for high runes)

eth bugged armor (double defense bug) is a gg item.
by Michaelangel007 March 15, 2010
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1) Abbreviation for the television show Gilmore Girls, in which a mother and daughter do quirky things in their small town. Sounds stupid, but is very good.

2) Abbreviation for the television show Gossip Girl, in which a bunch of rich kids have sex and buy things. Sounds stupid, is stupid.
Person 1: I was watching GG last night-
Person 2: Oh, I saw Gossip Girl too!
Person 1: Hell no. I was watching Gilmore Girls.
Person 2: Oh...
Person 1: Get outta here.
by Lola Uberscoobie March 25, 2009
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1. Good girl. The type of girl you can bring home to your mom, marry, and has just the right amount of good and bad in her. A girl you can bring around your friends and not be embarrassed.
1. Hey man you met a real GG last night at that club.
by Nothinbutfacials May 03, 2009
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