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A small gathering not a party but t least 5-12 people drinking, dancing, listening to music and having conversation in a private or public location
Yo guys I'm having a getty at my crib tonight.
by elementzero October 11, 2017
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1. to be big and slow
2. big and slow to change
3. unadaptable and quite top-heavy
hurry up, stop being so getty
(mainly used by employees/clients of getty images)
by kaose themata April 26, 2008
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An image that looks like ones tipically found into image bank sites (mostly showing people acting like they're naturals).
"-What's the problem with this illustration? Doesn't it fit to the ambiance we want to suggest?
-Yeah it totally fits, but it looks a bit getty.. Try with one more fresh..
by wi2b February 17, 2009
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another way to say the word ghetto with the same meaning.
dude, i was over on the west side of town and it was so getty.
by muf-fin August 15, 2009
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