Smokin' dope smokin' on gelato (gelato)
Got cash like I hit the lotto (the lotto)

-Duwap Kaine
by YungMon November 2, 2017
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Italian ice cream, obviously of Italian origin. Although it is loosely called "ice cream", it does pose differences in how it is made and tastes.

The 3 main differences between gelato and ice cream are:

1- Gelato is made with milk, not cream like ice cream. This often gives gelato a more robust flavor than ice cream, as the extra fat from the cream in ice cream can dull the flavor in it.

2- Gelato is churned less than ice cream, so it has much less air in it than ice cream. This lack of extra air in it in return leaves it with a much denser/thicker texture, which often leads people to think it's creamier and richer than ice cream (although there's no cream in it! :P).

3- Gelato is usually stored at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, which makes it a bit softer than ice cream, (again making it taste richer/creamier).

Overall, gelato is nowhere near as prominent as ice cream, but is a very nice treat when available. If you havn't already tried this before, I would highly recommend you try it if you get the chance to. It's most commonly found in authentic Italian resturants. Gelato can also be made with water and alcohol (then called sorbetto) instead of milk.
Josh: Hey, do you wanna go get some ice cream?, I could really go for some.

Joe: Naw, let's try some gelato instead, it tastes a lot yummier!

Josh: Ok.
by skyx December 6, 2008
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1.Italian word for Ice Cream
2.strain of weed but by some people call like it just any good weed
1Come and buy gelato bella ragaca! really good gelato for u!
2.I got some gelato for ya boy, its ten a g bro
by IGotYouUgoMe June 19, 2018
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Amazingly good Italian ice cream that comes in many different wonderful flavors.
John: "This ice cream tastes really good!"
Max: "That's because it's not ice cream, it's gelato!"
by Ocean Girl May 30, 2008
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Gelato means weed
Friend: wanna smoke weed?
You: bring the gelato
by The random hoe February 28, 2019
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A code for sex.
When you don't want to say sex infront of others and you want to keep it low key...
by miss_anon April 3, 2011
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