The young man couldn’t contain his Lamborghini gelato once the second penetration happened.
by The real brain jerky March 12, 2020
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A slang term from Zach Sherwins song "legato gelato"

It means "keep it chill"
"hey bro, you gotta be more Legato Gelato"
by Bullerdude September 17, 2015
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A discrete term for having sex. Used when covering up what you really did last weekend.
Mike and Julie were totally "Making Gelato" last night, that's why they missed your party.

Mike was in Julie's room until 4 O'clock this morning, they were probably "Making Gelato"!
by Xavier Fruitamonkey June 7, 2007
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Stupid ass who dates 13 year’s old girl even tho he’s 16. You lose brain cells everything you hear him talk. He annoying af. Everybody hates him, especially bryce hall
by Obsessionwithjylan October 21, 2017
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when the cheeba hits different and transforms into a holy strain incapable of human invention
fuck? - this must be some uk gelato sniper
by drstinkybeans January 22, 2021
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Used in Italy, rome, ask to someone if you're bored or tired to go and get some ice cream
*al funerale*
"Era una brava persona..."
"Ma a me non me ne frega n'cazzo annamo a pija er gelato?"

"Ho una voglia assurda di farlo ;)"
"Ma a me non me ne frega n'cazzo annamo a pija er gelato?"
by Dankest_Josuke April 4, 2022
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