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While having sex in the snow an Italian guy (accidentally or intentionally) pulls out his penis and rolls it around in the snow to resemble Italian ice, immediately following this he re-inserts his penis.
I was having sex with that bitch Sarah out on the slopes yesterday and my cock slipped out so I gave her an Italian ice.
by Italian Al December 16, 2005
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Italian ice is a treat that my great Uncle Benedito came up with. It is shaved ice and then flavored with olive oil and lemon, oregano, and some chopped basil.
"Hey, Benedito! I'ma so hot I'ma gonna die!" "Waita ona minute, Sal, I'ma ganna geta you somathin ta coola you downa, my Italian ice"
by Guiseppe Girardo May 11, 2006
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one that is secretly emo and a manwhore by nature; narcississtic at best, and sounds as though constipated while singing
jesus christ he's such an italian ice.
let's shoot him
my ears! they bleed!
by J. Finklestein November 20, 2008
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a word me and aly use wen descibin (certain) stuff
"this one guy and his girl were foolin around wen an italian ice just happened to slip outta nowhere"
by Jesse Ward November 09, 2006
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