Great Debater Syndrome. When male debaters get all the women because their bid count is oh so sexy.
Debater: Wow! Look at the Debater with all the hot girls around him! Thats a total case of GDS.
by Bubbles34isawesome March 10, 2011
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a.k.a. "Gross Dootsie Syndrome" - directly translates to "That time of the month" in females. In other words the period of menstruation.
I wanted to make out with Lizzie, but she had total GDS, so I had to settle for a bee-jer.
by M-Pony October 15, 2007
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GDS is an abbreviation meaning "Go DownStairs". Commonly used in office environments.
Let's GDS for a smoke?
by fduch123 December 5, 2018
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either an emo, fake indie, makes being gay they’re only personality trait, or will cancel you for ANYTHING. They’re also very greasy and prob do t shower.
“ do you that GDS kid, why are they greasy and emo
by shartius February 28, 2022
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Acronym for Good Dick Suck. Usually employed in terms of use as currency.
girl: I'm sorry I can't pay you..
guy: That's alright, i'll accept one GDS
by panties101 April 1, 2011
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acronym for GOOGLE DAT SHIT!!!

to be used when one knows not of which you have said, or to reinforce a statement of fact in an argument that can be googled, bung, asked, or generally proven using an internet search engine.
dude: bring me the horizon is weird
chick: ur a loser how can u not like bring me the horizon >:O
dude: their vocalist pees on little girls O_o
chick: wtf? howw??
chick: godsmack??? what does gds mean?
by the stacker April 8, 2010
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Greenville Death Squad. A band of surfers and friends originally from Greenville NC. The organazation was founded in the mid 90's, comprised of young men from Rose High School from the graduating years 95-97 that has now gained to world wide fame. Though normally a fun loving group they are fiercely loyal and not to be provoked. An attack on one is considered to be an attack on the entire organazation.
I fucked with the GDS boys this weekend and they kicked my ass.
by The Dirtsman May 29, 2008
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