Means fuck but was spelt wrong once so now ppl use it.
Fuxk my life
by Skittles_07 December 22, 2019
The act of bypassing a game, or forum that filters out the ability to say "Fuck".
Dusty: "Mango!"
Charna: "What the fuxk!?"
by skaterperson014 October 29, 2007
A bad ass start name for your Instagram name
Billy:hey what’s your insta name

Dave: fuxk.d
by Blazingyolo July 30, 2018
Used when you accidently hit x instead of c.
What the fuxk, bro?

Fuxk you.

Yea, he is fuxking idiot.
by YTLTOT February 16, 2019
Person texting me: Fuxk my parents
Me texting them: no, FUCK you, for using a stupid FUCKing word like fuxk
by Krak Hed September 3, 2020
something that is way fuckin cooler that the regular word. usually typed when someone accidentally(axxidentally) hits the x key instead of the c key
roach:mango sucka!
soap:what the fuxk!
gaz:wtf kinda same is soap?
price:what the fuck kinda name is gaz
by skaterat12345 April 20, 2010
Mostly texted as a misspelling of the word fucking, fuxking can be also used to describe someone who is crowned as a person who is good in bed. "King of the fucks."
Person A: So how was last night.
Person B. I think she enjoyed it. Kept saying I was the best she ever had.
Person A: Oh, you were her fuxking?
by um...ok August 26, 2017