Futurama, in my oppinion the best TV show ever made.
Fox stopped sending it because of the simple fact; they SUCK!
The coolest character is definitely Dr. John Zoidberg. He's "desperately poor AND desperately lonely", but still he manages to stay happy and enjoy the simple things in life, such as spraying his co-workers with his ink-pouch.
Zoidberg after destroying Farnsworth's miniature ship: "Ohh no! Professor will hit me! But if Zoidberg fixes it, then perhaps gifts! Muhahaha!"

Benders primary objectives:
1) Bend
2) Steal
3) Cheese it!
by Rockermuffin November 24, 2004
a) The best damn show ever.
b) An example of just how evil Fox is.
c) One hell of a lot better than 'The Simpsons'.
by Alex January 4, 2004
A show that brings out the genius in Matt Greoning
I luv Futurama Matt Greoning wastes his time on the Simpsons
by Flippydaslasher November 20, 2007
The best cartoon ever. It was originally on FOX but then was cancelled so Adult swim picked it up and after strong DVD sales they made 4 straight to DVD movies. After seeing the Awesome sales, they decided to make a new series which will air on Comedy Central. There were fears that the whole cast would be replaced because they couldn't negotiate pay with the voice actors but now it's all good. XD
If any-one needs me I'll be in the ANGRY-DOME! - Hubert J Farnsworth

This may mean the end of the banana Dackory as we know it! Also life. - Bender Bending Rodriquez

Screw the Simpsons, I'm going to watch Futurama
by Bigbear1593 May 20, 2010
A good show named Futurama.
Futurama is a good show.
by Minh February 6, 2005
A show created by the same guy who did the simpsons, and was much much funnier than the new simpsons, and about par with the old simpsons. Family guy is still funnier, but not by a whole lot. "FOX", the network that forcefed you "shitty reality show of the week" and "lame ass news" cancelled it prematurely. Needs to be brought back along with family guy.
The Simpsons needs to be cancelled. It's not funny anymore
1:"Let's go watch that new reality show on fox!"
1"What happened?"
2"You were having some kinda seisure"
1"thanks man, lets go watch Futurama"
by Brenton October 22, 2004