A great mature animated show, jerked around by FOX, pre-empted most weeks, then cancelled for "lack of ratings". FOX have now culled their cash cows down to The Simpsons which is a sad shadow of its former self, and World's Blankiest Blank...
...well she is wearing the World's Shortiest Skirt
by Archie2K April 12, 2004
the best TV program ever created. Evily canceled by fox.

Futurama - "comming soon to another channel"

by coolio5251 September 12, 2006
Hermes: He'll be as strong and flexible as Gumby and Herculies combined!

Zoidberg: Gumberculies? I love that guy!
by impuLse April 16, 2004
A television show created by Matt Groening that is a lot funnier than The wordSimpsons/word
by Matt Groening June 5, 2003
What happens to a show when it is put in a bad time slot that guarantees it will be preempted by another regularly schedule TV event. The resulting pile of unaired episodes and low ratings then justify its cancellation.

Usually only doable by Fox Broadcasting with its 7-7:30 Sunday slot since the NFL and Nascar are variable length, regularly scheduled events that run in the fall and spring.
Fox just Futuramaed King of the Hill by moving it to the 7pm slot just in time for football season.
by rienholt September 21, 2009
An excellent animated comedy based in an off-the-wall future world. Created by Matt Groening, the legendary creator of The Simpsons. Better than Family Guy, and DEFINITELY better than King Of The Hill.
"Today was a great day, because my Futurama Season 2 Box Set arrived in the post"
by Your worst nightmare November 14, 2003